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About us

The real heritage of our Academic Medical Centre is an alliance of leading doctors who are highly qualified professionals and experts in their fields and well-known not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders.

Our team has been working in close cooperation for over 20 years. Successful medical team work of our doctors is proven over the years of practice, based on absolute trust of our patients whose health is our highest value.
That was the engine for creation of the Academic Medical Centre!

Academic approach, leading experts in their medical field, high professionalism, teamwork, integrity and ethics are our basic principles.
The Academic Medical Centre is a multi-disciplinary clinic that meets high standards and provides to patients a wide range of medical services of various degrees of complexity.

We created a pleasant atmosphere and comfort and are equipped with the latest world-class equipment. In our work we use an individual approach to each patient and high standards in the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of a disease.
The Academic Medical Centre is located in the city centre, it has a convenient transport interchange and working hours which allow you to choose the most optimal visit time and, as a result, make your visit to our clinic simple and convenient.
The specially trained staff works in the Medical Centre where understanding and discipline prevail. We guarantee each patient absolute confidentiality.

Our doctors have unique experience and knowledge. Therefore, the advanced medical training based at the Medical Centre is carried out for our doctors as part of the Academic Training Centre.

We are constantly improving and working on ourselves to be at the highest pitch of professionalism. We always implement scientific innovations, new technologies and the highest standards of the world medicine to find an optimal solution for each health problem and keep your confidence and trust in us!