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nevrolog-300x300_webNeurology deals with the emergence of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, and studies the mechanisms of their development, symptoms and possible methods of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of neurological diseases.

Pathological processes of neurological origin are manifested and proceed in a very diverse manner, and most often, the key to successful therapy is a timely visit to a doctor.

The signal that you need to consult a specialist may be insomnia, a tendency to fainting, a headache of various origins, back and limb pain, general weakness and fatigue, impaired speech, memory, panic attacks, cramps, nervous tics, and others signs.

Successful treatment and recovery depends on the correct diagnosis. The main links in making an accurate neurological diagnosis are a detailed history of the disease and modern visual examination methods (computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, radiography, Doppler blood vessels, ultrasound), as well as a special list of laboratory tests. A number of pathologies of the central nervous system additionally need to be examined by related specialists, first of all, consultations with an ophthalmologist and / or infectious diseases specialist.

Specialists at the AMC Academic Medical Center can help you deal with conditions such as:

  • Diseases of the peripheral nervous system;
  • Diseases of the autonomic nervous system;
  • Encephalopathy;
  • Cerebrovascular disease;
  • Spinal diseases;
  • Post-traumatic diseases of the nervous system;
  • Headaches;
  • Cerebrovascular accident, including after a stroke;
  • Pathology of the facial nerve and many others.




Anna Trepet

Candidate of medical Sciences, Doctor of the first category, Neurologist


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