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A successful and happy person is associated with health and beauty. More and more people tend to be healthy, live an active life, stay young and look good through the services of a personal cosmetologist. Weight control, nutrition and an active lifestyle are becoming the norm. However, aging processes can’t be undone. In addition, many diseases of the skin and the whole body lead to external cosmetic defects. Therefore, a medically competent and professional approach is very important in solving aesthetic problems.

Dermatocosmetology is a medical field. The main task of it is to eliminate skin problems with the help of cosmetic procedures.

The cosmetologist uses in his work both special procedures – various masks, injections, massage, peels, skin cleansing – and modern hardware techniques.

For a comprehensive solution of some dermocosmetological problems (acne, for example) doctors of other medical areas are involved too: therapists, endocrinologists, gynecologists.

That’s why an integrated medical approach to solving cosmetic problems is so important. In this way, your body is guaranteed to get a favorable and successful method of exposure, which will ultimately help you achieve the desired result.

To get the best effect from medical procedures, your face must be entrusted to a high-level specialist with long-term experience and you can do this in our AMC medical center.

Dermatocosmetology services we provide to patients:

  • All types of facial skin cleansing;

  • Massages;

  • Alkaline depilation method;

  • Peeling;

  • Biorevitalization;

  • Facelift with threads;

  • Injections with fillers, botox, botulinum toxin;

  • Mesotherapy;

  • Facial rejuvenation procedures;

  • Preparation for plastic surgery;

  • Getting rid of age spots;

  • Plasmolifting;

  • Microcurrent therapy;

  • Microdermabrasion procedure;

  • Non-injection carboxytherapy.

Why are we the best? Because for us the highest reward for our efforts is customer feedback, satisfied with the result of our work (you can see photos of real patients before and after the course of procedures).

We guarantee the result of our work, we use advanced technologies that allow us to carry out cosmetic procedures without injuring the skin and a long recovery period. Coming to us with their problems, our patients get the desired result and go out of our clinic with beautiful, radiant faces.

To give youth, healthy skin and a positive attitude is our priority!

Cosmetological problems that a cosmetologist can help you solve:

– Dark spots;

– Spider veins;

– Scars, stretch marks;

– Acne;

– Increased fat content;

– Dry, sagging skin;

– Warts and other aesthetic defects;

– Wrinkles, circles under the eyes.


Catherine Bryncach

Doctor of the highest category, Dermatologist

Oksana Yakymenko

Derma-cosmetologist, Nutrition specialist


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