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Academic Medical Center is an advanced surgery clinic created for you in the center of Kyiv.

We use the gentlest methods of surgery, individually selected patient situations to minimize interference with the body and contribute to an early and comfortable postoperative recovery. We provide you with:
–    Accurate diagnosis,
–    High-quality anesthesiology,
–    All types of surgical interventions with both laparotomy and laparoscopic access.

Leading Ukrainian doctors work in our surgical department. They all experts in their field, well-known specialists in Ukraine and abroad:
–    The PhD associate professor, doctor of the highest category, surgeon Abu Shamsia.
–    Doctor of the highest category, surgeon, plastic surgeon, ultrasound diagnosis Andrei Smolnikov
They have carried out thousands of successful operations of varying degrees of complexity during more than 20 years of practical activity.
Our experts apply innovative methods of conducting operations and work on the latest equipment manufactured in 2016-2017, which meets international quality standards.

AMC is a multidisciplinary clinic, so here you can go through the whole cycle of necessary diagnostic and therapeutic measures in comfortable conditions. We guarantee timely and high-quality medical care of any complexity with planned and unscheduled surgical intervention.
Our doctors have unique experience and knowledge, which is based on the Medical Center. There is an improvement and training of doctors in the framework of the Academic Training Center in conjunction with the P.L. Shupika.

  • Are you looking for a reliable doctor?
  • Spent a lot of effort to find, and anxiety does not go away?
  • The Internet is replete with a variety of information and opinions. But what to believe?

How everything goes exactly in your case is the most important question.

You worry because you don’t know for sure:

  • Who will operate you?
  • With what surgical experience and experience is the doctor?
  • Are the specialist and clinic staff ready for a critical situation?
  • How new and in line with international standards is the intervention equipment?
  • How will this affect you in the future?
  • What determines the appearance of complications? How can you avoid it?


  • Leading doctors with surgical experience of more than 20 years
  • A thorough examination (inside the clinic) and accurate diagnosis with modern equipment
  • Modern operating equipment – equipment of 2016-2017 manufactured by leading world manufacturers
  • Comfortable ward and good care for a speedy recovery

AMC Clinic has the ability to carry out surgical interventions of varying degrees of complexity: from laparoscopy to plastic surgery. The composition of the operating team of doctors is selected based on your health condition. The operating team may include surgeons, proctologists, urologists and other required specialists. If necessary, preoperative preparation is carried out by narrow-profile specialists: therapists, cardiologists, etc.

AMC Clinic is multidisciplinary: at your service 46 specialists of various directions. These are leading professors and specialists in various areas of medicine, allowing you to comprehensively examine you and find the best treatment options.

The only medical staff in Ukraine that includes:

  • 14 professors and doctors of medical sciences;
  • 15 candidates of medical sciences;
  • 17 doctors of the highest and first category.


Nikolay Kucher

MD, professor, doctor of the highest category, surgeon, proctologist

Vitaly Maltsev

Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Doctor of the highest category, Proctologist, Surgeon

Abu Shamsiya Rami

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant professor, Doctor of the highest category, Surgeon

At AMC, you can receive surgical care in the following areas:

  • Removal of inguinal hernias;
  • Removal of femoral hernias;
  • Removal of umbilical hernia;
  • Removal of postoperative ventral hernias;
  • Treatment and removal of a hiatal hernia;
  • Treatment of cholelithiasis;
  • Surgical treatment in acute conditions (acute appendicitis, acute cholecystitis, perforated ulcer, diverticulum perforation, intestinal obstruction, hernia pinching, purulent-septic diseases);
  • Treatment of oncological diseases of the stomach, intestines and other organs of the abdominal cavity;
  • Treatment of varicose veins of the legs;
  • Surgical treatment of obesity;
  • All types of surgical interventions are performed both by laparotomic and laparoscopic access.


26 medical directions for women’s and men’s health.
Expert ultrasound machines, endoscopy and diagnostic equipment.
The surgical unit is equipped with world-class equipment.
Leading professors, candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest category work under the guidance of the professor M. Iarotskyi.
Training centre for doctors.
Department of Reproductive Technology