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Nowadays, a general doctor is a key specialist in modern medicine. He must have deep encyclopedic knowledge and be competent in many medical fields; at the same time, they must have special knowledge and skills, which will be the basis for establishing the correct initial diagnosis and further effective treatment of the disease.

Every person throughout his life at least once visited a general practitioner. The therapist specializes in internal medicine. This is a general practitioner.

A treatment should be started with a visit to the therapist to look through all diseases of the internal organs begins. First, the therapist carefully analyzes the symptoms of the disease, examines the patient, and directs him to the necessary tests. In this case, it is important to take into account the patient’s lifestyle, as well as genetic heredity to a particular disease.

“Today, the main priority of medicine is the early detection of chronic diseases. Since the symptoms are nonspecific at the beginning of the disease, they can only be recognized by talking to a qualified doctor. That’s why regular examinations are a strategically important for health. After a visit to the therapist, the patient is sent for further examination in a clinical laboratory, which does not require large financial and time costs. If any disease is suspected, the patient passes tests and undergoes simple instrumental studies.”

TATYANA SNISAREVSKAYA, doctor of the highest category, therapist

You can contact the AMC with the following problems:

  • Fatigue, headaches, general malaise, sleep disturbance;

  • Respiratory diseases, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, etc.

  • Allergic reactions;

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;

  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

  • Diseases of the back and spine;

  • Metabolic diseases;

  • Neurological diseases;

  • Blood diseases;

  • Bladder and kidney disease.


Serhii Tkach

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Doctor of the highest category, Therapist, Gastroenterologist

Andrii Eduardovych Dorofieiev

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Doctor of the highest category, Therapist, Gastroenterologist

Tetiana Snisarevska

Doctor of the highest category, Therapist

Natalia Ivakhnyuk

therapist, cardiologist


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