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An andrologist is a doctor who treats male infertility like sexual dysfunctions, erectile dysfunction, age-related changes and its impact on the sexual sphere.

Nowadays, every fifth couple suffers from infertility. Male factor reaches more than 50% in this case.

We apply and implement modern technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the male genital area.
We use modern technology for the treatment and diagnosis of the male reproductive system diseases. The clinic introduces innovation at every turn.
An accurate and important diagnostic method in andrology is an ultrasound scan. We use it to learn about the scrotum, prostate, seminiferous tubules and penis condition.
We are working with a plenty of other disorders in man’s body.

Andrologists of our clinic will help you with problems: :

  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Impaired function of the prostate gland and urethra;
  • Prostate adenoma, prostatitis, phimosis;
  • Varicocele;
  • Metabolic syndrome;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Male menopause;
  • Aesthetic and reconstructive genital surgery.

You can also get expert advice on contraception, sex life, early aging, and male infertility in our AMC medical center.

Experienced specialists conduct the treatment at the Academic Medical Center – MD, professor, endocrinologist-andrologist Mikhailo Kirilluk; Doctor of the highest category, urologist Sergyi Savoschenko, Doctor of the highest category, urologist Sergyi Grushko.

Consultation with an andrologist in time will help you to avoid many problems of the genitourinary system and protect yourself from neurotic disorders.

How is the treatment going?

The whole treatment has a few main steps that make a final diagnosis:
– An acquaintance with an andrologist that you chose by yourself
– Conversation. The doctor will find your problems out.
– Examination. If necessary, specialist will direct you to do some laboratory tests: studies of the secretion of the prostate gland, sperm composition, smear from the urethra, tests to identify specific prostatic antigen and infections, blood and urine tests.
If the andrologist suspects possible concomitant diseases, he will appoint you to a consultation of adjacent narrow-profile specialists.
Our doctors and scientists will develop a personal treatment regimen and confirm a diagnosis.

What are the symptoms that urgently need to go to the andrologist?

  • Childless marriage;
  • Problems with potency;
  • Decreased sexual desire and activity during intercourse;
  • Planning for conception of children or the development of effective contraception;
  • Accelerated ejaculation;
  • Frequent urination;
  • Defective sexual intercourse;
  • Possible infections due to unprotected intercourse;
  • Pain in the lower abdomen, in the penis during urination or during intercourse;
  • Violation of erection, premature ejaculation;
  • Spotting in the urine;
  • Inflammation, trauma to the testicles and penis;
  • The appearance of warts, papillomas and other formations in the groin area;


26 medical directions for women’s and men’s health.
Expert ultrasound machines, endoscopy and diagnostic equipment.
The surgical unit is equipped with world-class equipment.
Leading professors, candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest category work under the guidance of the professor M. Iarotskyi.
Training centre for doctors.
Department of Reproductive Technology

In what cases can our doctors help?

  • Genetics and hormonal diagnosis of male factor in infertility marriage and its medical correction. Improving sperm quality in preparation for artificial insemination;
  • Diagnosis and treatment of non-specific inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs;
  • Surgical treatment of varicocele;
  • Diagnosis and treatment of insufficient men sexual development. Delayed puberty in adolescents. Medical correction of micropenia (small penis) in children and adolescents
  • Treatment of andropause;
  • Examination of penile vessels in the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction (impotence) using ultrasound and dopplerography.
  • Screening, treatment and prevention of sexual disorders associated with impaired endocrine glands (for diabetes, thyroid disease, adrenal gland).


Nikolay Boyko

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Doctor of the highest category, Andrologist, Sexologist, President of the Ukrainian Association of Andrology and Sexual Medicine

Mykhailo Kirilyk

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Doctor of the highest category, Endocrinologist, Neuroendocrinologist, Andrologist

Serhii Savoshchenko

Doctor of the highest category, Urologist, Andrologist