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Proctology is a field of medicine that specializes in the study, diagnosis, treatment and comprehensive prevention of various diseases of the colon as well as organs located in their immediate vicinity. Proctology is closely related to other areas, such as gastroenterology, surgery, and oncology.

Often a visit to a proctologist is postponed until the moment when obvious alarming symptoms become apparent. It is worth remembering: timely treatment of hemorrhoids and other rectum diseases avoid a number of complex consequences for the body.

Proctologist is a specialist who provides therapeutic and surgical treatment:

  • Hemorrhoids, pararectal fistulas, anal fissures, fecal incontinence;
  • Polyposis, colitis;
  • Ulcerations of the mucous membrane and neoplasms;
  • Bleeding, suppuration, perforation of ulcers;
  • Prolapse of the rectum;
  • Developmental anomalies.

Our proctologist is Natalya Gerasimenko, a doctor of the highest category. She will provide you with highly qualified diagnostics and treatment, moral comfort, and help you get rid of delicate but serious problems.

Applying to the Academic Medical Center you will receive high-quality advice and professional painless treatment based on the latest techniques. Our specialists apply exclusively modern approaches and technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of proctological diseases.

Examination and treatment at the center are taking into account the specificity and delicacy of proctological problems in the most comfortable and tactful environment. We will provide you with the shortest rehabilitation time and complete confidentiality.

A visit to a proctologist can’t be postponed, as this threatens with serious complications. Self-medication is also dangerous: only a specialist can identify the full picture of the disease, competently determine and prescribe treatment.

We use the latest equipment, which allows us to thoroughly record the features of violations.

The first consultation involves visual diagnosis, rectal digital examination, and history taking. Then the doctor draws up an individual treatment scenario, that, depending on the form of the disease, provides painless minimally invasive or conservative therapy. At each stage of treatment, a specialist provides you with detailed consultations and sets the optimal exercise regimen for you. A personalized drug support regimen is also being selected.

It is necessary to carefully prepare for the initial appointment with the proctologist: cleanse the intestines with an enema and exclude flatulence foods from the diet the day before the consultation.

Consultation with a doctor is essential if the following symptoms occur:

  • Regular diarrhea or constipation;
  • Pain in the anus that occurs when sitting or walking;
  • Edematous formations in the anus;
  • Blood discharge, blood clots in the feces;
  • Sensation of a foreign body in the anal canal;
  • Swelling around the anus.

Some people are also at risk:

  • Pregnant women (third trimester) and women in the postpartum period;
  • Menopausal women;
  • People who, for whatever reason, are forced to remain seated for a long time;
  • People after hemorrhoid surgery;
  • Overweight people;
  • People after forty years of age with relatives who have had rectal cancer.


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Nataliia Herasymenko

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Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Doctor of the highest category, Proctologist, Surgeon