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Duplex scanning (Doppler studies) of arteries and veins of the head and neck, upper and lower extremities.

Duplex scanning differs from ultrasound. It allows the doctor not only to look after the arteries and veins and the surrounding tissues, but also to evaluate in real time the direction of blood flow and its nature, as well as record the curve of the change in blood velocity over time (blood flow spectrum).

Во время доплеровских исследований оценивается правильность хода сосудов, диаметр, строение и толщина стенки, состояние просвета, проходимость, наличие препятствий кровотоку (атеросклеротические бляшки, тромбы, сдавленность, извитости и пр.) и влияние выявленных изменений на кровоснабжение исследуемого органа.

Doppler checks the state of blood vessels, their diameter, structure and wall’s thickness, lumen condition, patency, as well as the presence of any obstructions of blood flow (atherosclerotic plaques, blood clots, compression, tortuosity, etc.). It makes possible to study the impact of detected changes on the blood supply in the examined organ.

The study is safe and painless for patients. It doesn’t require special preparation and repeatedly monitoring can be performed in dynamics if necessary.

The main complaints that require Doppler study:

  • Headaches;
  • Dizziness;
  • “Flashing flies” before the eyes;
  • Loss of consciousness;
  • Impaired speech, vision, coordination;
  • Cooling and numbness of the arms and legs;
  • Parenthesis;
  • Muscle weakness;
  • Pain in the limbs during physical exertion (and then at rest);
  • Trophic ulcers.

AMC employs highly qualified specialists: professors, doctors, and candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest category. We use the most modern equipment that meets international quality standards for Doppler diagnostics.

Why is it necessary to undergo preventive examinations?

Many diseases of the cardiovascular system can be asymptomatic for a long time. For example, atherosclerotic lesions of veins at an early stage can be detected only during the examination. With the development of atherosclerosis, it becomes the cause of chronic coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, acute and chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency, ischemia of the upper and lower extremities.

Among other dangerous diseases are superficial vein thrombophlebitis, which is manifested by compaction, swelling, redness, soreness along the saphenous vein, and chronic venous insufficiency. Its symptoms are a feeling of heaviness in the legs, increased fatigue of the legs, bursting pains in the calf muscles, parenthesis and swelling (worse in the evening), increased saphenous venous pattern, the presence of convoluted varicose dilated saphenous veins, discoloration of the skin and trophic ulcers of the lower third of the leg.

Urgent diagnosis and treatment are also necessary for suddenly appeared edema (usually of one leg) and bursting pain in the muscles of the leg. These symptoms may indicate acute deep vein thrombosis. This condition requires the fastest possible ultrasound examination to clarify the diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment. Deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities with untimely diagnosis and treatment can lead to the development of life-threatening complications – pulmonary embolism.

Duplex scanning of the arteries of the head, neck and lower extremities is recommended for all men who have reached the age of 40-45, and women after 50, even in the absence of obvious complaints.
In the presence of complaints, diabetes mellitus or a hereditary predisposition to atherosclerosis, the study of arteries is shown at any age.


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AMC specialists perform such Doppler examinations

  • Echocardiography (heart ultrasound)
  • Duplex scanning of brachiocephalic vessels
  • Duplex scanning of veins and arteries of the upper limbs
  • Duplex scanning of veins and arteries of the lower limbs
  • Duplex scanning of veins of the lower limbs
  • Duplex scanning of arteries of the lower limbs
  • Duplex scanning of aortoiliac arteries
  • Screening of veins of the lower limbs
  • Duplex scanning of brachiocephalic vessels and transcranial Doppler sonography (head and neck vessels)


Oksana Kovalevskaya

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Doctor of ultrasound diagnostics of the highest category